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Sexuality Studies


Sex plays a major role in everyday culture. The aim of the research unit Sexuality Studies is to contribute to an increased academic focus on sexuality and hereby to an increased understanding of the relation between sexuality and culture.
Sexuality Studies investigates how sexuality both explicitly and implicitly interacts with cultural products. The unit wants to examine the targets of sexual desire and how sexuality affects our body, practices, rituals, institutions and cultures. The unit regards sexuality in its historical context in an attempt to understand how the transformations of the understanding of sexuality, love and sex have happened across time.
Although the research unit has its origin in the humanities, collaboration with medical and sociological research is a major goal. Sexuality is in the body, in society, in culture, and is formed of these - interdisciplinary cooperation is therefore essential in order to understand sexuality.

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2018.08.10 | Seminar

Interdisciplinary seminar on sex education

How is sex education conducted in Denmark today? How has it developed over time? What are the main problems and focal points? How do we conduct a norm critical sex education? How do we address different age and target groups? How should social workers address the sexuality of disabled people living in institutions? These are just some of the…

2018.07.12 | Grants

“Gender Blender” - 4.9 million DKK for gender research

VELUX foundation have awarded the Women’s museum in Aarhus and researchers from Aarhus University a grant of 4.9 million DKK for a collaborative research project on gender. Three members from the research group Sexuality Studies take part in the project: Jakob Rosendal as post.doc, Camilla Skovbjerg Paldam and Louise Fabian as project leaders.

2018.05.07 | Course

Teaching: Autumn 2018. HUM-fag: Sexuality Studies

It is the third year in a row that there is a course on sexuality studies for students at Faculty of Arts.

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